Hypo Awareness Week

We organise an annual campaign to raise awareness of a complication of diabetes in UK hospitals and GP surgeries. The campaign is sponsored by leading pharmaceutical giant Sanofi.

In 2019, 631 sites took part, staging events, training and activities all aimed at promoting hypoglycaemia in the inpatient setting, while the campaign achieved more than 4,300,000 impressions organically on Twitter. The aim is to help NHS staff recognise and treat symptoms and refer patients to appropriate care teams.

The campaign generated significant social media coverage as well as 59 media articles. In 2014, Hypo Awareness Week won a global award for excellence in marketing, with more awards collected in 2018 for successful campaigns.

In response to demand from the diabetes community, we launched the first-ever national Insulin Safety Week in 2018 and in 2019 built on its inaugural success, with 531 sites participating.

On the back of the popularity of our campaigns in the UK, we staged a pilot Insulin Safety Month in Australia in October 2019 and have further plans to spread the word and increase the reach of both Hypo Awareness Week and Insulin Safety Week internationally.