Diabetes Prevention Week

In January 2017, we staged the inaugural Diabetes Prevention Week in the East Midlands. We developed the concept as a news hook to generate awareness of, and encourage referrals to, the National Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in the region.

The campaign involved press releases with the latest Type 2 diabetes figures broken down for each county with localised versions and patient case studies together with targeted social media messaging. Additionally, we organised the Diabetes Prevention Workshop, where mobile units from charity Silver Star were dispatched across the region to test people for Type 2 diabetes.

We also released pictures of recognisable locations across the region with giant numbers on illustrating the number of new cases of diabetes in the last five years.

The results saw an overall campaign reach of 1,117,542 people thanks to 40 media stories, including several features on BBC East Midlands Today, and a social media drive – which all led to a predicted referral increase in the period during and following the campaign.