Here at Orange Juice Communications, we have more than 40  years’ worth of experience working for the media, including the BBC and daily newspapers at both a local and national level. We remain passionate about producing high-quality journalism.

We know how to deliver professional communications and can achieve positive coverage for your organisation. We are experts in angling your news to make the maximum impact and know what is needed in a press release to ensure your story is picked up by both the written and broadcast media, as well as trade press.

Our mantra is simple. Because our stories are written by journalists, for journalists, we provide ready-to-use stories on a plate. We know what they want, and we deliver, time and time again.

The press releases we write achieve coverage because they are expertly packaged for under-pressure, busy reporters. We provide news teams with ready-made stories, written to the right length, in the correct ‘editorial’ style and with fully-captioned, high-quality photography.

The formula works, not only achieving excellent results but also enabling us to control what content is used by the journalists. To see some of our results, click here.